Hello Mamma, Do you need the Magic of Bali in your life about now? 
Join me!

In the Magic of Bali for a 
Luxurious 3 Day Pregnancy Retreat
Carefully Crafted for Learning, Nurturing, 
& Connecting with Your Baby & Partner as you  
Prepare for Birth & Parenting
September, 2023
Prepare for your baby’s birth in paradise 

Receive a ton of body love: 
With pregnancy massage, nutritious whole food,
walking, bike riding along the beach, swimming, and prenatal yoga.

Receive a ton of heart love:
Align with your partner, boost your confidence, and become well informed
with the Love Based Birth birth preparation program. 

You will leave nurtured, inspired, and with all the tools you need to
 confidently welcome your baby gently into your world.

This retreat is perfect for those with a baby due end of October through to February 2024.

We keep the group small and intimate so please inquire early to avoid disappointment.
What is Included:
  • The full Love Based Birth birth Preparation Program Taught by Red
  • Spa Time!
  • Relaxing Prenatal & Partner massage
  • Prenatal Yoga with a Specialist Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • Accommodation at a luxurious villa with access to Sanur Beach
  • Professional Pregnancy Photoshoot on the Beach
  • Healthy Nutritious Breakfast 7 Lunch for 3 Days
  • Plenty of free time to enjoy the pool, beach, & shopping 
  • Airport transfers
  • All Class materials including the book From Fear to Love, Your Guide to a fearless, magical birth
  • Plus, much, much more!
This experience not only helped to prepare us for our birth physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but we were able to walk away from the weekend with a deeper connection as a couple. 
Nothing but love for the amazing Red Miller who made this all possible. 
If you’re pregnant, thinking about conceiving, or just wanting to surround yourself with the most amazing people in the most loving environment, then go to Pregnancy Moon in Bali!"

Andrea McMaster - Chiropractic Doctor
Your Invitation 
Since moving to Bali, I receive messages all the time asking when my next Pregnancy Moon Retreat
is running; 
and I am so happy to share that I am settled and connected enough now to welcome you! 

Many of you are feeling the juggle of careers, households, older children, 
to-do lists that keep on growing, and many relationships to maintain;
is creating a feeling of no time or space to really focus on this coming baby. 

Life seems to be speeding up!
 In this turbo speed, it is so easy to lose focus and forget what’s really important…

…nurturing your body, feeling ready for birth, and feeling aligned with your partner.

Your nervous system will benefit hugely from 
taking time out of the hustle and bustle of life, 
spending time by the beach, and connecting to what matters most. 
Your expanding family!  

Join me! 

This is an invitation to stop, reevaluate & reclaim what is most important in your life.
   Hello! My name is Red Miller...
I’m a Mother, Biodynamic Midwife, Author and Creatrix of Love Based Birth.

I help women just like you to navigate their pregnancies with sacred intuition and embodied love, so they can connect to their magic, be fully empowered in their choices, and birth with more ease and pleasure.

I invite you to join me on this magical journey of discovery and self empowerment.

Everyday I am privileged to see the positive effects
of getting partners actively involved in the process;
giving them a clear road map to follow for supporting birth. 

Although originally from Canada, I have had the pleasure
of spending the last 9 years living and working with
thousands of couples in India and all over Asia.

Bali is a magical place for me because it is where I met the love of my life. 
It is also an 
ideal setting for this romantic and luxurious
birth preparation in a paradise retreat!

During our 3 days together, I guarantee that we will laugh a lot, discover a ton, 

and that you will leave with a baseline level of confidence and courage that will carry you on together, as you enter this new phase of life as a loving family!

You'll also make friends with kindred spirits who are on the very same journey as you.

Here's a small sampling of what you
will learn from the Love Based Birth Syllabus
  • Understanding and identifying the phases of labor
  • How to select a care provider that fits your birth philosophy
  • Optimal nutrition
  • How to avoid an episiotomy and minimize tearing
  • Discover why partners are so important in the process
  • Making decisions in labor and preparing a birth plan
  • Learn how to work with your fears so they don’t get in your way
  • How to work with your birth hormones and create an environment that supports them
  • How to trust your instincts and intuition & the role they play in pregnancy and birth
  • How to cope with pain and the intensity of labor
  • How to using your breath for relaxation and birth
  • How your partner supports you during labor First hours and days of life as a family
  • And so much more...
“The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger then you because it is you” ~Anonymous

"Red’s classes weren’t just about mothers and babies…they allocated fathers with an important role and illustrated an approach to pregnancy and birth as an intimate time between mother, father and baby. This approach has also meant that, although our little baby hasn’t yet been birthed, we already feel like a family."

"The science and research behind the mind body connection makes complete sense to me, as I practice my relaxation techniques and use my breath and mind to ‘breathe away’ uncomfortable sensations, I have started  to experience the mind over matter philosophy. I am so grateful to have discovered this new way of thinking and feeling about myself!"

" Red’s classes equipped us with the confidence to trust ourselves with the objective to be kind to ourselves. As Kabir, my husband, put it the other day: we didn’t learn what to think; we learned how to think."

"As a dad, I liked how relaxed my wife became about pregnancy and birth while taking classes with Red. She is not worried about the birth and we truly trust we have done all we  can to prepare. When the time comesI know what my role is, to love and support my wife in whatever shape that may take."

"Red is very open and gives a lot of down to earth advice based on real life experiences, so we benefit from that and not simply a theoretical or textbook view of birthing."

 Hear what couples have to say about the Love Based Birth Classes: 
As a dad, I liked how relaxed my wife became about pregnancy and birth while taking classes with Red. She is not worried about the birth and we truly trust we have done all we can to prepare. 

When the time comes I know what my role is, to love and support my wife in whatever shape that may take.

“Red helped us address concerns and fears, but also shared in our excitement, preparing us both psychologically and spiritually for the imminent birth of our first child.”

~ Alex and Greg Experton
Love Based Birth has been a 
life altering experience for me and 
really widened my perspective on being a mom.

I have learnt to embrace fear and turn it into power, question things that are "the norm" and really trust my gut (instinct) when it comes to decisions about my body and my growing baby. 

Red Miller has been an incredible birth coach - sharing her experiences with love and appreciation. I am a genuine believer in this love-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

Thank you Red for your guidance and support during this incredible time, I can't wait to bring my child into the world in a peaceful, loving way.

~ Melissa Willis
"From a dad-to-be's perspective, I thoroughly appreciated Red's warm, genuine approach and wealth of knowledge when it comes to birthing. She creates a safe, open space and is truly cares about her clients and addresses their individual needs.

 I had previously attended other antenatal classes and I found just one hour with Red to be more helpful and meaningful to our upcoming birth. 

She helped me to clearly understand the dynamics between the birth parents and what role I needed to play to be a genuinely supportive birth partner for my wife. Thanks Red for being there for us when we needed it."

~ Michael Lynch
There’s more and I want you to see a hint of it for yourself…
You Will Get:
  • The full Love Based Birth gentle birth preparation program
  • Spa time! 
  • Relaxing Daddy to be and Prenatal massage
  • rental Yoga with specialist Prenatal yoga teacher
  • Accommodation at a luxurious villa with access to Sanur Beach
  • Healthy nutritious breakfast and lunch for 3 days
  • Plenty of free time to enjoy the 20m salt water pool and walk or bike on the beautiful Sanur Beach
  • Airport transfers
  • All Class Materials including guided meditation tracks
  • Plus, much, much more!
Previous Pregnancy Moon Retreat Experience


The event is held in Sanur, Bali, in a traditional villa with
all the modern comforts, lush gardens, and a 20m saltwater pool.

You will love learning in this environment! Our hosts Michael and Fiona are chefs and own the No.1 catering business in Bali. They will cater for our breakfast and lunch with a menu designed specifically to support the training.

The Villa is located in a prestigious compound on Sanur beach and next to restaurants, cafes and shops


Event check-in is on Thursday. Your arrival time is flexible
on Thursday, just let us know your the time to expect you. We will have four classes together in total; each class is 3 hours long.



10am – 1pm Class 1


Nap, swim, bike ride, beach, relax 

3pm – 6pm Class 2 

Evening Free (massage)



10am – 1pm Class 3


Nap, swim, bike ride, beach, relax

Afternoon something special

Evening Free (massage)




10am – 1pm Class 4


Beach ritual at Sanur beach including professional couples photos

Late check out

Pamper Yourself at The Memorable Pregnancy Moon Retreat
We are taking applications now for the February 2017 Bali Pregnancy Moon Retreat now. 

Please click on the button below to fill out a brief application. to be so I can call you to discuss your attendance. Numbers are very limited for this exclusive retreat.

You Will Enjoy…

✓ 3 full days & 3 nights in paradise at a luxurious villa in Sanur,
only a few minutes walk to the beach, restaurants, cafes, and shops
✓ Breakfast and lunch meals for 3 days that will
nourish your mind and body

✓ The full program of Love Based Birth preparation classes that will help you and your partner prepare for your baby

✓ Pre-retreat preparation materials and modules 

✓ One specialty prenatal couples massage 

✓ 3 Yoga classes with speciality prenatal teacher 

✓ Professional couple’s pregnancy photo shoot with one of Bali’s best photographers 

✓ Course materials including Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth book, Love Based Birth workbook, and relaxation meditation tracks. 

Pregnancy moons are rare, make yours memorable
by registering here…

"Reflecting back on our  pregnancy moon in paradise, we can’t help but feel more ready than ever to welcome this little one into the world!! This experience not only helped to prepare us for our birth physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but we were able to walk away from the weekend with a deeper connection as a couple. Nothing but love for the amazing Red Miller who made this all possible. If you’re pregnant, thinking about conceiving, or just wanting to surround yourself with the most amazing people in the most loving environment, then go! "

 ~Andrea McMaster - Chiropractic Doctor 
"Women have been giving birth naturally for millennia, and in most cases safely, without fear and intervention. It can be a physically and psychologically empowering event for a woman and is one of the happiest the can be shared by a couple. While Love Based Birth provided us with useful tools for preparing for a natural birth, Red, with her invaluable experience catching babies the world over, helped to balance and reaffirm our perspective on natural birth by arming us with the facts and putting us at ease. She devotes equal attention to preparing fathers and birthing partners, making sure they are able to share in and be a part of this wonderful event.

 Red helped us address concerns and fears, but also shared in our excitement, preparing us both psychologically and spiritually for the imminent birth of our first child. "

~Alex and Greg Experton

My Personal Guarantee

Attend Pregnancy Moon, Birth Preparation in Paradise And I’ll guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results!

You can register for Pregnancy Moon, Birth Preparation in Paradise with confidence, knowing that you’re FULLY PROTECTED by a powerful guarantee…

If after attending the complete event in Sanur, Bali on February 16-19 2017, you feel that you won’t be able to use everything you’ve learned to help improve your birth preparation, feel more connected and relaxed, just let me know before we leave on the last day.

As soon as I return to my office, I’ll write you a cheque for the full amount of your registration fee and promptly mail it back to you.

No hassles, no arguments, and no questions asked!

You have my promise.

Make a Difference - Today - by Booking Your Place at Pregnancy Moon Retreat

A percentage of the profits from the Pregnancy Moon Retreat will be donated to the pregnant teens of Tejus Home in Kerala, India.

Tejus Home is a safe home for unwed teens mothers to receive
nurturing through pregnancy and birth. It can only exist through the charitable donations and work of those who care enough to make a difference. I am personally working along with Birthvillage Natural Birthing Centre to ensure these teenage mothers have the best care possible during their pregnancy and birth

It is a project that is very dear to my heart because every mother 
regardless of her situation needs a loving and nurturing community. 

You will be making a significant difference in the lives of these young mothers and their babies. Watch this short introduction video to understand where you will make a difference.

To reserve your spot for our pregnancy retreat in paradise,

simply click on the button below.  

I can't wait to hear from you.

With Love,
-Red Miller
Don’t miss out, join us in Bali
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